Before I was arraigned, I had already made choices to better my life and the lives around me. Which is why being arraigned was such a surprise. Thankfully, Margie was my court-appointed attorney.

Margie is the epitome of a lifesaver, one who saves one from serious difficulty, because of her willingness to serve. She walked me through the process. Through her guidance, I was able to reduce my SOP by six months and convert fees to additional community service!

Now almost a year after she helped me finalize the contract with the state, she is supporting me through an early dismissal. Which is one of the most meaningful blessings right now because I am applying to a university, which if I get in will allow me to further my education and in doing so I hope to bless a lot of lives.

I am so grateful for Margie and all she does. That is why I think of her as a lifesaver. If you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer, I highly recommend consulting with Margie.

– Dustin