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Margie Alumbaugh

Born and raised in Ellensburg, I have dedicated my career to serving the Kittitas County community. Initially as a Legal Secretary under L. Candace Hooper, I pursued my legal education through the Law Clerk Program, mentored by Greg Zempel at the Kittitas County Prosecutor's Office. After obtaining my bar license, I served as Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and later opened my own practice in 2015. My firm handles a wide range of criminal and civil cases, including contracts for public defense for Kittitas County Courts. My deep roots in this community, coupled with extensive legal experience, equip me to bring fairness, equity and compassion to the role of Superior Court Judge. I understand the balance required in this position-being firm when necessary, yet always just. I am committed to serving with compassion and a steadfast dedication to equity, while also upholding the law with the necessary firmness when justice demands it. Josie and Jacob, oldest children, graduates of EHS. Josie is a PA and Jacob is a Chef. My youngest, Izzy attends Ellensburg elementary school. My father, Arnie Hess, a Marine Vet and retired from CWU. My mother, Mardi Hess, retired local hotel manager. All of us, Ellensburg born and raised.


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