Margie Alumbaugh

Margie D. Alumbaugh, Attorney at Law

I am running for Kittitas County Superior Court Judge.  See my Candidate page at  

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  • Great Attorney!

    Margie was very professional and quick to respond with inquiries. She made sure to get my court date moved up which was very important to me.
  • Assault Case

    Margie was here for me in my case from the start. It was a long case in which she put numerous hours into and was also there for emotional support. She helped to keep a positive mind set, while also explaining to me what could potentially happen. She helped to reduce my sentence and got a great d...
  • Lifesaver

    Before I was arraigned, I had already made choices to better my life and the lives around me. Which is why being arraigned was such a surprise. Thankfully, Margie was my court-appointed attorney. Margie is the epitome of a lifesaver, one who saves one from serious difficulty, because of her will...
  • Konnie Sue Recommends Margie Alumbaugh

    Marjorie is truely effective and has help my family with a dificult legal situation. I highly recomend Marjorie for your legal matters, very skilled at her profession -the best.
  • Very Helpful

    When my son found himself in trouble, and I had no idea how to help him, I called several attorneys from the phone book. Ms. Alumbaugh was the one who told me what would happen and what we should do. She was clear, kind, and gave me a lot of information at no charge. We ended up being satisfied w...